Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm a Crazy Person Magnet

I’ve just recently finished a little video project to win a 2010 Ford Fiesta.

My project involved cardboard signs. I’m in the passenger seat putting tape on my window and Justin is outside my car setting up this great shot,when three crack heads emerge from the dark alleys and garbage cans. The first asks Justin if we can give him a ride and the other two smash their heads against my window. One of them says “I know what you’re doing!” and opens my door, grabs the tape out of my hands and starts messing with my window. The crazy lady with him opens up my backdoor and gets in my seat where my cardboard signs are. She says with a toothless grin “I see your SIGNS!!” Like she’s onto me, she found my cardboard beggar signs.

I get out of my car and in confusion I just stand there. How does one handle this situation? I’ve never had any formal training or even considered a plan of attack for when a crack head won’t get out of your car. My eyes and mouth are wide open and I look up at Justin for help. His face informed me he was in my same state of confusion.

I tried to reason with the toothless lady but was unsuccessful. I was so frazzled Justin said at one point I started clapping my hands and whistling for her to come out. Not a proud moment, however she responded well to the “come on.” She finally exited my car.

After that we took my camera to the food coalition. I met a really great guy named Johnny with long curly hair. He was so sweet and perfect and he agreed to hold a sign for us. The crack head who asked Justin for a ride starts yelling and cursing at Johnny for some unexplained reason. I started recording to get the shot and run. Next thing I know crack head runs into frame and takes a swing at Johnny. They exit the frame and you hear him yelling. He punches Johnny. I again try my best to be diplomatic and reason with crack head, but there is no reasoning with crack heads. You can hear me in the background going “uh okay…whoa…uh oh! Please don’t do that…oh my gosh.” Johnny gives the crack head the sign and runs away.

We really didn’t mean to cause such problems. It started out as a Ford Fiesta Movement video, but I might change it to a “Don’t do Crack” commercial.

Check back for an uploaded clip of the craziness. For now, here's my finished video

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